Fuji, premium soy sauce as symbol of Japanese culture.

Monday, April 05, 2021
This project, Fuji, is a student packaging design project by designer Evgeni Kudrinskaya and 3D artist Dmitriy Saveliev from the HSE Art and Design School in Russia.

From their project's website:

Soy sauce is a symbol of Japanese culture.

This project's packaging bottle shape emphasizes the origin of the soy sauce, referring to that sacred place in Japan that is revered, honored and respected by all — the Fuji volcano.

The sauce comes in two flavors: classic soy sauce represented by a dormant volcano and hot soy sauce by an erupting one. The sauce has a special stand which can be employed as a sauce pan.

Fuji Classic Soy Sauce.

Fuji Soy Sauce Logo.

Fuji Soy Sauce Packaging.

Fuji Classic & Spicy Soy Sauce.

Fuji Classic & Spicy Soy Sauce.

Sauce stand as sauce pan.

Fuji Soy Sauce.

Project Designer:
Evgeni Kudrinskaya

3D Artist:
Dmitriy Saveliev

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