Kiyo: a carefully crafted water bottle

Friday, February 26, 2021
Kiyo is a water bottle with purifying technology designed for the travel brand Monos by Bebop. The design is based on the typical water bottle archetype with a simplified silhouette with softened edges. The design communicates a sense of gentleness and softness inviting you to to pick the bottle up.

The product has a powder coating over its double walled steel structure embracing the powder's natural texture and creating a natural and nuanced aesthetic that's warm to the touch.

The silicone loop around the neck and the pad on the bottom of the bottle are nice details that help prevent the bottle from damaging and loud noises.

From Bebop's website:

The result is a carefully crafted object rather than an industrial tool, having a caring and considerate personality with a very essential and simple purpose.

Textures and color gradients.

Holding the Kiyo bottle by its silicone loop.

Kiyo bottle top view.

Kiyo bottle cover removal.

Kiyo bottle assorted colors.

Project by

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