Tic-tac-toe re-designed as Game of the Ox

Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Chinese New Year was celebrated on February 12th. This 2021, according to zodiac animals, it was the year of the Ox. Based on this celebration, Thinking Room, a creative agency from Indonesia, created Game of the Ox.

This modified version of the popular tic-tac-toe board game was chosen for its concordance between the year of the Ox letters O and X that are also part of the board game.

The game comes in a very nice packaging and is made out of a pink and clear acrylic combination. One of the things we liked the most about this project is that the pieces can be used as decoration on a table, as incense holder or as a floral decoration holder.

Game of the OX.

Xs and Os

Game of the OX packaging.

Game of the OX top view.

Stacked Game of the OX boxes.

Game of the OX packaging.

Game of the OX stacked pieces.

Game of the OX as flower holders.

Game of the OX as incense holders.

Game of the OX packaging.

Project by
Thinking Room

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